Friday, May 19, 2023

Mr. Ron Ownbey

When this North Carolina gentleman left us too soon his daughter, Susie wrote his obituary.  This is what she shared and should be written about us all and the importance of music in our lives.  

"He believed that through music, people from all walks of life could come together, forget their differences and find common ground. He believed that music had the power to touch us, to ease our troubles, to help us forget our sorrows and spread peace and understanding, long past the final note of the last song at the end of the show. He had a passion for using music to help bring good to the community whether it be a fundraiser to raise money for high school band uniforms or a spectacular benefit for Gaston Hospice. He was the founder of Elite Artists Network that brought artists together to promote one another. He was a dreamer of big things and everything he touched became better."

Saturday, April 29, 2023

This is Michael Ross Nugent.  I first heard him sing on the floating stage in Bemus Point during a singing contest which he won first place.  Michael has been a resident of Las Vegas for several years now and has been entertaining fans with his singing talent in that part of the world though most of us have recognized his talented gift of song prior to his arrival in Nevada especially his family and friends.

Congratulations Michael on the release of this song recorded by many fellow artists through the years.  

You are .. some kind of wonderful. 

Pat Locke 

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

 Summertime Again

Composed and Performed 

by Bill Ward


Jackson's Funeral

February 4, 2023


You were the kid and I was the pro and you wanted to know all there was to know about lovin' out loud

You soaked it up and worked to craft
a song of life that's sure to last and it's filling us now

It's one good thing when you're born to sing
but to live to love is a whole other thing
and when you sang you loved us all, my friend

Standing tall and delivering rhymes you brought us all to summertime and because of you, it's summertime again

We never wrote a song together, my friend but I'm betting this one had a helping hand - least that's how it feels

You put yourself in your beautiful art we learned a lot from
your loving heart and that made it real

You left us in the middle of the snow but left us with a place to go to see you again

A sun filled lake with your smiling face a Fourth of July in a magic space with all your friends

A story teller and a story maker, a most authentic people

Your story was your song each one pulled from a piece of yourself in a way that touches someone else even when you're gone

We're gathered here wondering why you had go without goodbye but the love you left here on this earth, we can't begin to count its worth

We'll see you in each summertime again